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ccording to the Resolution of 23/12/2020, of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, on the delegation of competences of the Rector in different matters and bodies, these correspond to the Vice-Rectorate for Internationalization:


  1. The competences corresponding to the Rector in matters of internationalization, especially those related to the international projection of the University.
  2. The conclusion of agreements with foreign universities, in coordination with the Vice-Rectorate for Studies, Quality and Accreditation, related to Bachelor's and Master's degrees and to joint courses leading to Bachelor's and Master's degrees.
  3. The powers corresponding to the Rector in matters of management, promotion and improvement of student mobility programs and attraction of foreign students, both at European and international level, and the conclusion of the necessary agreements for this purpose.
  4. In the field of international student mobility programs, the competences in matters of recognition and transfer of credits, as well as in matters of validation or adaptation of subjects or credits, and those related to the resolution of any appeals filed by students against the decisions or results of such acts, except when such acts are not in accordance with the provisions of the law results of such acts, except when such decisions or acts have been adopted by the Vice-Rector for Internationalization. 
  5. In coordination with the vice-rectorships and competent bodies, the competences related to the promotion of mobility, at the European and international level, of the teaching staff, the research staff and the administration and services staff of the University of Castilla-La Mancha, and the celebration of the necessary agreements for this purpose.
  6. The competences related to the training in foreign languages and the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language, as well as the celebration of collaboration agreements regarding the accreditation of language levels.
  7. The powers related to the participation in large internationalization projects (European Universities), as well as the promotion of new international relations.
  8. Any powers and competencies attributed to the Rector in matters of official representation of the University before the public authorities and before all kinds of persons or public or private entities of the Toledo Campus, and the signing of agreements, where appropriate, provided that, due to the subject matter, the delegated competence for the signing of such agreements does not specifically correspond to another body of the University. However, in the latter case, the Vice-Rector for Internationalization may sign such agreements provided that a favorable report has been issued by the competent body.
  9. The competences, in coordination with the Management, of the management of the facilities for common use of the Toledo Campus.
  10. In general, as many functions as are attributed to the Rector in the field of Internationalization by current legislation, the Statutes of the University and other applicable provisions.